Project 10 xv700 Bobber

It all started with a really uggly xv700 Virago. Because it was fully loaded with accessories I was willing to buy the bike.




Unfortunately the carbs where very bad. So it cost me a lot of money to fix that problem. About one third of the Price of purchase. But I really liked the bike so I decided to completely strip the bike.











One year ago i sold the bike to my brother. The bike was finished bu not the way I liked it. I had to finish it in a couple of weeks because the bike was needed in the BoBo Biker run of 2015.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to bring the “old lady” back home. So I did. And now I can finish all the things I was planning to do.

This is how I got it back. It was parked outside for almost one year.

These are the first changes did the last few days.

I hated the air regulator box so I took it of. It gives the bike a more cleaner look.

This is how I sealed the air holes.

Very cheap and simpel. But it will do for the moment.

Painted the airbox and the gastank.

And for the cleaner look I cut off a piece of the battery box.

The new risers have been arrived. It does’nt look bad at all.



img_6187-large \img_6188-large

Painting the bike will not be an option right now. Because temperature is around 8 degrees Celsius. So the next thing is to put on forward controls…..

And now, more than one year later we are still not on the road. A year without doing anything to the bike. But here we are again. Trying to go on with the project. Made some changes to the handlebars and the color of the bike.

New handlebar. Clipons

Not satisafied with the grey color so trying some different colors

Finally asked the wife to make the choice for the new paint.

Now after several (6) layers of gold paint, i am finalizing it with some layers of clear varnish. Also painted the rear fender in mat black.

When the paintjob is done we are heading for connecting everyting again and trying to make a first run since 2016.